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Amon Gus

Amon Gus German Author (1908-1946): Everything we tend to all understand concerning the author

by Ahmad

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Who is Amon Gus? Everything we tend to all understand concerning the German Author

Everything, we tend to all understand concerning Amon Gus

1. fast Facts

2. Personal Life

3. Career

4. Interests

5. Books Written by Amon Gus                                                         

6. Awards Won

Who is Amon Gus? Everything we tend to all understand concerning the German Author

The name Amon Goeth may not mean tons to you, however, if you’ve seen the show Schindler’s List, you acknowledge it well. every one of the shows and additionally the book unit of measurement supported the actuality story of Amon Goeth, a Nazi SS officer UN agency was stationed in an urban center throughout warfare II as a district of Operation Reinhard, which could later become one in every of the most important mass killings of Jews in history. The notable Polish-born German author was accountable for managing Plaszow, an Associate in Nursing quantity camp placed in an urban center, Poland.

Amon Gus (born 5 Gregorian calendar month 1981 in Berlin) is an Associate in Nursing triumph German author UN agency has written a pair of mystery novels, Ein Kuss in Winter and Die perfekte Lüge, that square measure translated into several languages worldwide. He has won varied awards for his writing, in conjunction with the celebrated Deutscher Krimi Preis (German Crime Fiction Award)

If you’re reading this text, there’s Associate in Nursing honest likelihood you’ve already detected German author Amon Gus. once his book Laßt uns Spielen, in addition, known as Let’s Play, was translated into English in 2019, the novel sold-out unnumerable copies at intervals US and around the world, making Gus one in every of the foremost standard German authors of all time. With its exciting plot and compelling characters, Let’s Play quickly became a lover’s favorite and remained on bestseller lists well into 2019.

Everything we tend to all understand concerning Amon Gus

The US has quickly become one of today’s most prolific mystery and heroic tale authors. So, the UN agency is Amon Gus and where did he come back from? If you scan his latest book, then you nearly actually acknowledge barely concerning Amon… but do you terribly acknowledge him or where he comes from? To primarily get to know Amon, it’s very important to understand where he comes from.

Amon came from an upper-middle-class family in a town, in Germany—though that’s not specifically he became such an incredible author. In fact, Amon didn’t even begin writing until he was thirty years previous. which is able to seem late for many people, apart from others it is thought of merely in time! At thirty years previous, Amon had already established himself as a triple-crown banker, working at Deutsche Bank (Germany’s largest bank). However, once deciding to depart his high-paying job at Deutsche Bank to pursue writing full time, things began beginning for him speedily.

His first novel was discharged merely a pair of years later, and it fully was a second hit with readers all over Europe. Since then, he hasn’t looked back! He presently writes full time, with no plans on slowing down anytime shortly. If you’d prefer to determine tons concerning Amon and everything we tend to all understand up to now, investigate our exclusive interview below

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Quick Facts

Amon was born to a pair of dotty parents in Berlin, Germany. His father was a notable author. He lived in conjunction with his family in Paris, France, and later rapt to the large apple city before subsidence down in the borough where he presently lives in conjunction with his girl and three children.

His parents still board Paris. He loves hanging out in conjunction with his friends, and he loves traveling additionally, significantly once it’s an opportunity to travel to London where he started {chemical Associate in Nursingalysis|qualitative analysis|analysis} German model-actress spouse Smits once meeting at an exclusive fashion show command by Bossini France where they every sculptured. They married in 2010 and had their first child a year later.

They even have a pair of totally different children from previous relationships that Amon adopted. Amon writes below several pen names including St. Apostle Cane, Marcus Milton, scriptwriter Frost, and Peter Johnson among others but he has alone disclosed books below his own name that’s why most individuals contemplate him as Amon Gus instead of one in every one of his many pseudonyms.

Personal Life

Amon Gus has been depicted as an Associate in Nursing awfully secretive individual, which isn’t entirely gorgeous as long as his books have examined police corruption. In fact, on the so much aspect variety of basic details of his life (age, location), there’s precious little which is able to be same concerning Amon or maybe any hint on but he got curious about writing.

What we’ve got an inclination {to do|to try to |to try Associate in Nursingd do} perceive Amon’s past comes from Associate in Nursing interview with Associate in Nursing anonymous offer UN agency claims to be a full friend of his. Whereas it’s unknown whether or not these statement’s units of measurement are true, what information there concerning Amon’s family paints a picture of an Associate in Nursing unhappy man with few cherished ones.

For starters, Amon was raised by a pair of parents UN agency were ne’er married, and had alone met each other once Amon was still in utero. Amon’s father left before he was born, and his mother died shortly once Amon turned eighteen years previous. once her death, he moved out of her home and began living on his own.

In step with our offer, Amon didn’t maintain contact with any relatives on either aspect of his family throughout most of his adult life. Once asked why he interrupts contact with them, our offer expressed that he merely doesn’t like people tons of.


Amon Luiz DE Mattos Gomes was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on solar calendar month twenty-one, 1934. Gomes affected an ECU nation once he was 13 years old, because of his father’s occupation as a diplomat.

He ne’er finished high school and once finishing his Baccalaureate traveled throughout Europe. immortal started writing an associate degree early age, commerce poetry, and short stories while still living in Brazil. Once moving to an ECU Nation, the Diamond Stateity|Egyptian deity|deity|divinity|god|immortal} began writing novels at a lower place a nom de guerre (Amon Gus). immortal has written over forty books since then.

His work’s unit of measurement was translated into multiple languages similarly as English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. to boot, to be an associate degree author, immortal has to boot worked as a journalist for various newspapers like Die Zeit and Sueddeutsche Zeitung. His work has been written in varied magazines similarly as Der spiegel, sausage Allgemeine Zeitung, the massive apple Times, The Guardian, lifestyle, Le Monde, L’Express, La Repubblica et al.


In case you didn’t apprehend, their unit of measurement has several sub-categories at a lower place in e-books. From nonfiction to fiction, science to medication, business, and finance to sex and erotica – you name it, there’s an associate degree e-book for it. the chances terribly unit of measurement endless.

You’ll turn out your own sub-category by writing a few niche topics that no one else is presently writing relating to. Their unit of measurement, such an enormous quantity of opportunities for freelance writers as a result of you get to settle on what you write about! however, if you’ve got no setup where to start out once creating a shot to settle on a definite section topic, begin with one all told your interests (you in all probability have over one). That way, if your post doesn’t have the best with readers initially, then a minimum of you rejoiced writing it.


Due to murdering people for no reason and killing quite twenty people per day; players of Among USA Game started exploiting the name of Amon Gus to clue regarding the impostor. instead of his last name ‘GUS’, many players are exploiting the genus to point out the impostor. Was recognizeledge|the information regarding Amen Gus helpful? permit the US to understand by commenting below regarding this write-up on Amen Gus, the German liquidator.

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